Lufthansa plans to order twenty widebody aircraft more


Frankfurt - The Lufthansa Group wants to place an order for twenty new widebody aircraft to replace the aging A340-300s in its flag carrier's fleet. Both Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 are considered.

The Lufthansa Group would have requested offers from the two major aircraft manufacturers.

The Lufthansa Group would like to use the new aircraft to replace the old Airbus A340s at Lufthansa. Because of the increasing oil prices, the four-engine jets become less and less economical.

Lufthansa has been gradually replacing the A340-600s in its Munich base with the more economical A350-900s since 2017. As of today, Airbus has delivered 11 A350 to Lufthansa out of 25 ordered. With options in the order, Lufthansa could increase this number to 55.

Lufthansa also considers the Boeing 787 as an alternative.

Along with the Iberia and South African Airways, Lufthansa maintains one of the largest A340 fleets. 15 A340-300 and 17 A340-600 are currently stationed in Frankfurt and Munich. The A340-600s are still under ten years old, but the A340-300s come from the production years between 1996 and 2001.

Airbus built only 375 aircraft of the A340 series.