Lufthansa increases its aircraft reserve to manage delays and cancellations better


Frankfurt - Lufthansa plans to use more reserve aircraft to prevent delays and cancellations.

Lufthansa has an average of more than 60 connections per day. Group-wide, about 18,000 flights have been canceled this year, which corresponds to a two-week closure of the largest Lufthansa hub in Frankfurt. In addition to these cancellations, there were numerous delays.

Since the summer season this year, there have been only two reserve aircraft in Frankfurt. But that's not enough to compensate the unexpected delays and cancellations, said Lufthansa board member Harry Hohmeister.

Lufthansa has ordered nine Airbus A320ceo from Airbus in 2018, which will be delivered this year. The airline plans to use these new A320s as reserve aircraft.

The company thinks that the increased aircraft park should help to better buffer delays. From noon onwards, aircraft and the crews will be waiting at the hubs to compensate delayed or cancelled flights when needed.

Although it costs a lot of money, Lufthansa said that this year alone delayed flights and compensation for passengers already cost to Group more than 250 million euros.

The Lufthansa Group had already apologized to its customers this summer for the massive delays and cancellations. This year Lufthansa, the flag carrier of the Lufthansa Group had to cancel more flights in the first half of the year than in 2017 as a whole.

In addition to the bad weather and continued air traffic controller strikes, Lufthansa also mentioned bottlenecks at airports and air traffic control as reasons.

The carrier has also addressed the ongoing problems with the new A320neo engines as a reason why Lufthansa currently has fewer aircraft available than planned.