Lufthansa grounds 13 aircraft operated on routes to mainland China

Frankfurt, Germany - The consequences of the coronavirus outbreak have a significant impact on Lufthansa. The German carrier grounded 13 long-haul jets due to the canceled flights to Mainland China.

This will have noticeable economic consequences. We will present the initial analysis at the annual press conference on March 19 as to how strongly this will affect profits and sales,

a company spokesperson said.

Lufthansa and its subsidiaries Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Airlines recently suspended all flights to mainland China until the end of March. Due to lower demand, the flights to and from Hong Kong should also be slightly adjusted. Lufthansa may consider operating smaller aircraft on flights to and from Hong Kong in March.

Another European Group Air France-KLM said today that the coronavirus crisis left its mark on the balance sheet. If flights to China remain suspended until April, this will reduce corporate profits by 150 to 200 million euros by then.