Lufthansa CEO thinks passengers are not ready to travel on planes with only one pilot

Brussels - According to Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr, it is technically possible to assign only one pilot per flight, but passenger trust is a problem.

Amid the researches for future pilotless passenger planes, Spohr thinks that travelers do not dare to board a large aircraft even with only one pilot. According to Lufthansa Boss, they have a feeling that two pilots in the cockpit rather than only one is better for a safe flight.

Spohr also said that it still will be an option to put only one pilot in the cockpit in the future. On current long haul flights, one of the pilots can go to sleep, while the other is in command.

"In that case, the systems check the pilot or vice versa", said Spohr on the sidelines of the A4E (Airlines for Europe) summit in Brussels.