Lufthansa Cargo speeds up the retirement of its MD-11Fs with new aircraft orders

Frankfurt, Germany - Lufthansa Cargo has placed an order for two Boeing 777F more as the operator expedites the removal of its aged MD-11Fs from the fleet.

Lufthansa said the order is part of the fleet modernization of its cargo branch to replace its remaining ten MD-11 Freighters by the end of 2020.

The German freighter operator had initially planned to finish the retirement of its MD-11Fs until 2024.

According to the revised plan, one MD-11F was retired in July this year and a further three are due to leave the operator's fleet by the end of this year. The remaining eight aircraft will be put out of service in 2020.

Lufthansa Cargo will take delivery of its two new Boeing 777F next year. The planes will be stationed at the Group’s Frankfurt hub.

We are investing in maximum reliability and significantly lower emissions. The modernization of our fleet is the biggest contribution we can make to the future in the short term. We combine responsibility for our company with corporate responsibility,

said Peter Gerber, Lufthansa Cargo chairman of the executive board and chief executive.

The higher capacity and flight range of the Boeing's 777Fs will allow Lufthansa Cargo to carry the same amount of cargo with fewer flights.

The 777F has a maximum capacity of 103 tonnes and it is around 20% more fuel-efficient than the older MD-11Fs. The MD-11F can carry up to 93-tonne of cargo at a time.

Lufthansa Cargo currently operates seven Boeing 777Fs, alongside its ten MD-11Fs. In addition to its own fleet, Lufthansa Cargo also uses the capacity of four Boeing 777Fs operated by another freight operator AeroLogic, which is also based in Germany AeroLogic is a joint venture between Lufthansa Group and DHL.