Lufthansa Boeing 747 returns to the departure airport due to engine failure

Frankfurt, Germany - A Boeing 747 from Lufthansa with 370 passengers on-board was forced to return to the departure airport shortly after take-off due to engine failure.

Lufthansa's jumbo jet took off from Frankfurt International Airport for Shanghai this morning. A company spokesperson said that the incident occurred because of the misfire on one of the four engines.

The crew decided to shut down the engine and return to the Frankfurt International as a precaution.

Although such a misfire is rare, it could happen, the Lufthansa spokesperson said.

One of the passengers said that he saw the fire escape from the engine. There had been strong deflagrations, he said. According to Lufthansa, It is conceivable in the event of a misfire.

To prepare the fully-fueled aircraft for the landing, the crew dumped all kerosene in the air. The airport fire brigade and the other emergency teams were ready on the ground in case of a danger when the aircraft landed.

The affected passengers were transferred to a replacement aircraft to fly to Shanghai.