Low seasonal demand and pilot shortage force Emirates to ground some of its A380s and 777s


Dubai - Emirates Airlines will ground nine Airbus A380 and twenty-five Boeing 777 for the next two months due to the decline in demand and the lack of pilots.

Dubai-based Gulf carrier who had already stopped flights to Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports in the United States faces - like all the others - a seasonal decline.

In addition to that, the operator is also suffering from the pilot shortage. Emirates needs between 100 and 150 pilots Bloomberg reports.

According to various sources, Emirates has already parked an A380 and eleven 777 in April, and the predictions for May are six A380 and 14 777, then three A380 and eleven 777 in June.

Asked by ATW, Emirates President Tim Clark explained that fleet optimization is a common practice in the low season to ensure that capacity is in line with demand.

The boss of Emirates also says that pilot shortage is a short-term phenomenon that the company will solve until September or October this year. He points out that Chinese airlines, in particular, offer pilots extremely competitive packages.

In 2017, Emirates opened its own Flight Academy, the "Emirates Flight Training Academy," which will allow the airline to control the availability of pilots without depending on the market.

Presented as one of the most advanced training facilities in the world, the training center currently hosts nearly 170 pilot candidates.