Lion Air plans to cancel the billion-dollar Boeing order and switch to Airbus

Jakarta - The distrust caused by the second Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash is spreading. More and more country to impose flight-ban for the aircraft due to safety concerns. After Australia today, British authority has also banned Boeing 737 MAX flights on its airspace.

Apart from the civil aviation authorities of the countries, the airline operators also to raise questions about the safety of Boeing's new generation single-aisle. Following the second MAX 8 crash, Indonesian airline Lion Air considers switching to Airbus, according to an insider.

Lion Air had blamed Boeing after its Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea just after take off.

The Indonesian carrier has ten Boeing 737 MAX 8 in service and expects four more this year. However, the airline may not take over these jets, for the time being, said Lion Air CEO Daniel Putut.

Lion Air is Indonesia's largest airline and one of the largest customers of Boeing's revamped single-aisle jet. The airline has ordered more than 200 copies. The company is also the first airline to operate the longer version MAX 9.

According to an insider who is familiar with the matter, the operator is considering switching to the Airbus's new generation single-aisles (both A320neo and A321neo) for the expansion of its fleet.

The company did not want to comment on further fleet plans when asked by Bloomberg news agency. However, Lion Air co-founder Rusdi Kirana said in December that he was planning to withdraw the billion-dollar order.