Letter to employees from Embraer president about merger talks with Boeing


Sao Paulo - The same day that Embraer and Boeing confirmed an agreement was being studied between the two companies, the president of the Brazilian manufacturer, Paulo Cesar Silva, sent an official statement to its employees to explain more about a possible partnership, without highlighting the benefits for Embraer.

Our South America reporter translated the letter into English for Airliner Watch readers:

Dear colleagues

Yesterday (Dec. 21), we confirmed our discussions with Boeing about a potential merger of our business. Although there is no guarantee that we will conclude with an agreement, I believe there will be very positive benefits for the two companies if we come together.

I'm sure this news has impacted all of you and raised a lot of questions, but for now, we do not have any more information to add. A partnership of this size is very complex, and there is much to be discussed and approved, including with the Brazilian government, regulatory agencies, boards of directors and shareholders.

When the discussions evolve, I promise to inform you. At the moment, I want to reassure you about the future of our Embraer. Make sure that, if negotiations end with an agreement, it will be very good for everyone. The merger of Boeing and Embraer is a natural evolution of a long history of collaboration between two global aerospace leaders with legacies of innovation and excellence.

Together, Boeing and Embraer have complementary products and services and can leverage engineering and technology know-how and research and development efforts for new products, in addition to expanding production capacity and overall sales force.

It is also important to note that Boeing has a genuine interest in intensifying its operations in Brazil, and the partnership with Embraer would be a way of growing and expanding.
So, stay calm about the future of Embraer. Whatever the nature of the merger or partnership is, the goal will be the success and growth of the company and the preservation of jobs.

Be assured that I would not be discussing anything that is not for the benefit of Embraer, of you and future generations.

Finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very successful 2018 of great accomplishments and joys for you and your families.