Lego stars shine in the new safety video of Turkish Airlines


Istanbul - More and more airlines are pulling out all their creativity to come up with original safety videos or presentations. Turkish Airlines has revealed a cast of LEGO stars for its latest instructional video to explain the safety rules.

In recent years, we've seen very attractive presentation methods from the airlines to take the attention of the passengers for the safety instructions before the flight. The safety video with Lord of the Rings characters (Air New Zealand), or celebrities jumping on board to remind you where to find your life vest (British Airways) are just some of them.

Because the standard safety videos or instructions by the cabin crew are barely watched or listened by passengers while the aircraft is taxiing for takeoff.

Airlines are becoming more and more creative to overcome this problem recently. The latest example is a new bid from the Turkish Airlines. The Turkish flag carrier revealed a video featuring the characters from The Lego Movie(s).

Starting in a Lego hangar with a Lego aircraft in Turkish Airline's colors, the cast continues in a Lego cabin where Emmet and Wyldstyle show you how to place your Lego luggage and fasten your seat belt. A Lego Batman who flies business class appears to warn passengers not to smoke, Garmadon explains when and how to use oxygen masks. A must see.