LATAM Chile is in trouble with its Dreamliners


Santiago - A Boeing 787 of LATAM Chile is proving to be the most affected aircraft by the problems of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines, needing urgent repairs.

Throughout 2017, airlines such as Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways and Virgin Atlantic have had vibration problems with the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines of their Boeing 787 aircraft. At the beginning of 2018, Air New Zealand decided to stop the operations of its four 787 for a special review.

Now, last week, LATAM decided to take an even more drastic measure and has sent its 787 to the Victorville airport (California, United States) as a result of damage caused to the pylons on the wings by the ongoing vibration problem of the Trent 1000 engines.

Victorville airport in California is one of the largest aircraft boneyards in the world. Last week, there were speculations that the airline sent the aircraft to the boneyard.

But the South American operator refuted those claims and said that the 787-8, registered as CC-BDD, would be reviewed and repaired by Boeing there. According to LATAM, the withdrawal of service is temporary.

Another Dreamliner of the company, the CC-BBE would be the second 787-8 to be sent to the Victorville, which made its last commercial flight on January 21.

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Victorville Aircraft Boneyard

Update: Today (February 14), we have received a statement from LATAM Chile Press Office. We publish the statement below;

We saw the following story on Airliner Watch (LATAM Chile is in trouble with its Dreamliners) and have a few clarifications that we hope you can incorporate into the story:

  • LATAM is neither returning aircraft nor reducing its fleet commitments.

  • While maintenance is carried out, one of our Boeing 787-8 aircraft (registration CC-BBD) has been sent to Boeing’s maintenance facility in Victorville, California (USA), where it will remain until it returns to service.

  • While our B787-8 aircraft (registration CC-BBD) is at Boeing’s maintenance facility, scheduled maintenance will be carried out on its Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines as part of a proactive upgrade programme that began in 2016. The aircraft has not been been sent to Victorville as a result of wing damage.

  • There are no current plans to send other aircraft to Victorville.

Editor's Note: We had further questions to the LATAM Chile's Press Office about the issues with company's 787s, registered CC-BDD and CC-BBE. We will continue to follow the subject and update our readers with the progresses.

Update: After our further inquiries the company refuted speculations on some local news portals and repeated that the 787-8 registered CC-BDD was sent to Victorville as part of a scheduled maintenance program.

LATAM Chile also stated that the 787-8 (CC-BBE), which is not operational since January 31st does not have any problem including Trent 1000 engines and parked for an upcoming maintenance. The aircraft will return to service in due course.