Korean Air is interested in a stretched variant of the Airbus A220

Seoul, South Korea - Korean Air is interested in placing more orders for the Airbus A220 especially if the manufacturer pushes for a stretched variant of the type.

Korean Air is the launch operator of the Airbus A220 in Asia. Cho Won-tae, the president of Korean Air, thinks that there is still room for more Airbus A220 in the airline's fleet. Korea's flag carrier currently operates ten A220-300.

A stretched version of the aircraft such an A220-500 is definitely possible, the Korean's boss said last week at a press conference during the IATA's annual meeting.

The design of the A220 allows for further extension of the fuselage, says Cho Won-tae, but Airbus has so far no concrete plans for an elongated variant of the A220.

The European manufacturer currently wants to focus on the ramp-up of production, cost reductions in the supply chain and longer ranges for the A220-100 and A220-300 to make the program a profitable revenue source for the company.