KLM complains about poor quality control from Boeing


Amsterdam, Netherlands - Dutch flag carrier KLM has complained about the quality controls carried out at Boeing's Charleston plant where some Dreamliners are produced.

KLM said the quality control at the Boeing's Charleston factory is far below the acceptable standards and the airline was concerned about the following deliveries, Dutch aviation news portal reports.

KLM expressed its displeasure to Boeing after receiving its first 787-10 Dreamliner in June.

Some examples about the lack of proper quality control are: loose seats, missing or incorrectly installed split pins, nuts that are not fully tightened, an unattached fuel pipe clamp and various missing parts.

KLM blames Boeing for poor quality control, late delivery and inadequate workforce at the factory.

The airline was planning to receive its first Boeing 787 exactly 100 days before the 100th year celebrations of the company, but the delivery was delayed.

There are also some negative feedbacks from other airline operators who received their Deamliners from Charleston factory. Etihad, for instance, calls a recent delivery "very bad".

Charleston Factory

However, not all 787 customers are negative. For example, United Airlines describes its Dreamliner deliveries as excellent quality and customer experience.Chinese carriers Hainan Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are also very positive in their response to Boeing.

But unfortunately It is not the first time we hear complaints about the Charleston factory. A few months ago, some workers from the plant spoke to the New York Times anonymously and complained about the practices there.

Research from the American newspaper revealed that a lot was going wrong at the factory such as the installation of defective parts and metal debris and tools that were left inside the mechanical components.

It is also known fact that Qatar Airways accepts the 787s produced in the Boeing's Everett factory only.

According to the aviation analyst Scott Hamilton, the problem arises from the current strategy followed by Boeing to cut the costs to mitigate the financial damage incurred due to ongoing 737 MAX grounding. Nothing will change in the near future Hamilton says.

On the other hand, KLM is quite satisfied with the operational performance of its Dreamliners. The airline has recently ordered one more Boeing 787 and exchanged its A350s on order with the 787s ordered by the other Group partner Air France.

It is true that a few things were discussed with Boeing and then fixed. We always find something small, because we are very critical when it comes to the safety and benefit of our customers. This way of working is constantly improving the quality of the aircraft.

With every delivery of a new aircraft, specialized people from KLM, including a pilot, carry out intensive system checks for two weeks, both on the ground and in the air to ensure the safety and quality before the aircraft enters into service,

KLM said in a statement exclusively sent to