JetBlue Airways thinks the A321LR is ideal for transatlantic routes, no Boeing 797 on the agenda


New York - The low-cost airline operator JetBlue Airways thinks that the Airbus A321LR is the ideal choice for the company to launch an expansion phase into the transatlantic market. Boeing's NMA is not on the agenda.

On March 13, Robin Hayes, the CEO of the American airline operator explained during the JP Morgan Aviation, Transportation and Industrials Conference that his company is not ready to discuss a possible interest for the NMA (New Mid-market Airplane) which will replace the 757 and 767 for the MoM (Middle of Market), FlightGlobal reports.

"It's a bit far in the future," he said, adding that the A321LR will be an ideal solution for serving major European destinations from Boston and New York.

The markets in Boston that give us relevance are ones that can be served with the A321LR. It's the right airplane for those missions,
Hayes says.

JetBlue Airways placed an order for 60 A321neo, with the option to convert the 15 copies to A321LR. The problems with Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines had already forced the carrier to convert three A321neo to A321 last April to guarantee deliveries.

Currently operating a fleet of 130 A320s and 53 A321s, the company will, therefore, receive eleven A321ceo this year instead of the planned eleven A321neo. The airline should also receive six of the 25 A320neo ordered, and seven A321neo in 2020.