Seul - On July 23, South Korean Jeju Air took delivery of a Boeing 737-800 from Boeing, making the airline the first low-cost carrier in the country to own and operate a next-generation B737 directly ordered from Boeing.

Jeju Air operates a fleet of 34 Next-737-800 that are all leased from the lessors. The aircraft is the first of three 737-800s ordered directly from the American aircraft manufacturer, which marks the beginning of a new era in the South Korean carrier's future growth strategy.

This milestone delivery marks the beginning of a new era for Jeju Air as we continue to revolutionize Korea's dynamic commercial aviation industry,
said Seok-Joo Lee, President, and CEO of Jeju Air.

Owning and operating our own airplanes will further differentiate Jeju Air and our local competitors. We are fully prepared to introduce this new airplane into our expanding fleet, and they will play an integral role in our growth strategy,
Joo Lee added.

Jeju Air currently serves 40 domestic and international routes with around 150 daily flights, including Japan, China, Russia, the Mariana Islands, and several Southeast Asian countries.

The company is a founding member of the Value Alliance, the first regional alliance in the world established in 2016 by eight low-cost airlines based in Asia.

We are proud to deliver the first directly purchased Next-Generation 737-800 to Jeju Air,
said Rick Anderson, vice president of Northeast Asia Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

This milestone represents the strong partnership that we share with Jeju, whom we have shared an intimate partnership with since their inception more than ten years ago. I look forward to further strengthening our collaboration with Jeju Air,
Boeing executive added.

The Boeing 737-800 is one of the best-selling variants of the profoundly successful Next-Generation 737 family.