JAL invests in Lunar Exploration Mission


Tokyo - Japan Airlines has invested an undisclosed amount in the Japanese company ispace ( which plans two lunar exploration missions by 2020.

The Japanese national company intends to engage in the conquest of space and bring new values ​​to its customers and investors.

After putting an order option for twenty Boom supersonic business jet, Japan Airlines continues to look to the future. On December 13, the Japanese company announced a financial and commercial alliance with the lunar exploration company ispace, founded by Takeshi Hakamada and based in Tokyo.

The agreement covers joint promotion actions, collaboration in transport, maintenance, operations and space travel activities.

Since 2015, Japan Airlines has been sponsoring an ispace team called "Hakuto". It has therefore decided to give a new impetus to the partnership.

By taking part in Japan's largest space development program in the private sector, Japan Airlines is taking a first step in expanding its space business,
the airline said.

Ispace plans to conduct two exploration missions on the moon. The first mission, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019, aims to put a lander in lunar orbit to observe the surface. The second mission, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020, will be to land the lander on the moon surface and deploy several rovers to explore and map the surface.

The goal of ispace is to leverage the resources of the moon to ensure the sustainability of our planet and, ultimately, create a "sustainable sphere of life" beyond the Earth. ispace predicts that the Moon will be inhabited by 2040 by a thousand people and will have more than 10,000 visitors each year.

It is about creating a world where the Earth and the Moon will form only one ecosystem,
summarizes the company.

Japan Airlines believes that ispace's vision is in line with its values ​​and strategy in terms of contribution to the improvement of society and the opportunity to develop new activity areas for the airline.

The amount of Japan Airlines investment in ispace has not been revealed. But ispace raised $ 90.2 million on December 13 for its two missions. The investors include Japan Airlines, Development Bank of Japan, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Konica, Minolta and Suzuki Motor among others.