Indigo to ground a brand new A320neo because of engine failure


New Delhi - Indian LCC Indigo has grounded a brand new Airbus A-320neo after operating it only 50 hours because of a problem encountered in one of its Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines.

The aircraft registered VT-IVQ had arrived at Delhi from Toulouse on July 31 and entered service on August 3.

One of the engines on the aircraft suffered snags and reportedly had oil/magnetic chips found while flying to Bangalore on August 10. The plane arrived at its destination safely but had to be grounded,
said a company source.
This is perhaps one of the shortest ones as an airline has had to replace a faulty engine after flying the plane for less than 50 hours,
the same source said.

On August 7, three days before this incident, yet another PW engine problem during a flight from Kolkata to Delhi had forced the operator to ground an A320neo, which also required engine replacement.

Earlier this year, the Indian and European aviation regulators grounded some A320neos with faulty PW1100G engines, and they were allowed to fly again only after Pratt & Whitney replaced affected drivers.