Indian regulator deregisters seven Boeing 737 operated by Jet Airways

Delhi - Indian civil aviation regulator DGCA has deregistered seven Boeing 737-800 operated by Jet Airways upon the request of aircraft owners.

Two of the deregistered Boeing 737s were leased from Avolon and five from MC Aviation Partners.

Last week, Irish lessor Avolon was the first to apply DGCA for deregistration of its planes. It was followed by MC Aviation partners.

Irish lessor seeks to reclaim its planes leased to Jet Airways

According to FlightGlobal, 13 more aircraft are in the deregistration process.

Deregistration requests of a further 11 Boeing 737-800 and two Boeing 737-700s were submitted to DGCA on April 9, by lessors Avolon, Aviation Capital Group, and BBAM.

Earlier this week, Aergo Capital followed others for seven ATR 72-500s that are currently in service with Jet Airways. More requests from the lessors are likely in the coming days.


Source: FlightGlobal