Ilyushin delivers an improved version of the Il-76MD-90A heavy tranporter to the Russian Military

Moscow - Ilyushin Aviation Complex has delivered a new heavy military transport aircraft to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, an IL-76MD-90A

This aircraft became the fourth of this type delivered to the Ministry of Defense so far and the first in 2019.

The previous IL-76MD-90A had been delivered in 2016. The new aircraft is the first example of an improved version of the heavy transporter.

Improvements include more powerful Aviadvigatel PS-90A-76 engines, stronger wings, and a strengthened undercarriage.

Extended flight range of 2,700nmi (5,000km) with a 52 tons payload against the 2,560nmi with 40 tons payload of the previous version.

The new variant of the Ilyushin's heavy transporter also comes with a new glass cockpit and an upgraded automatic flight control system.

The Russian military has 36 Il-76MD-90A heavy transporters on order with nine options. A second copy of the new variant is currently under flight testing. The manufacturer will deliver six units to the Ministry of Defense this year.

An Il-78M-90A tanker aircraft is also under development, which made its s its first flight on January 25.