Icing tests of COMAC C919 to take place in Italy


Rome - The icing certification tests of the new Chinese narrow-body COMAC C919 will take place at the Icing Wind Tunnel of Cira (Italian Aerospace Research Center), in Capua (Southern Italy).

Cira has signed an agreement with Sadri (Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute) on the occasion of the Italy-China Science Week to promote cooperation between two institutes and carry out icing tests for the certification campaign of COMAC C919.

The collaboration will include, in particular, the execution of aerodynamic tests and icing in the main test section of IWT (Icing Wind Tunnel) of Cira.

Cira's Icing Wind Tunnel is a unique facility in the world for ice and aerodynamic testing in terms of size and operational envelope.

IWT reproduces natural icing conditions in compliance with the required criteria for the design and certification of aircraft or rotorcraft subsystems.

Aerodynamic testing supports both low and high subsonic aerodynamic aircraft/rotorcraft research by increasing Reynold’s number with use of cooling up to -40 °C, and the variation of static pressure up to 1.45 bar.

IWT Cira
IWT Cira

COMAC C919 is intended to compete with the Boeing 737 and the A320 and will be able to carry up to 168 passengers. The first deliveries are expected in 2020.