Icelandair replaces its grounded Boeing 737 MAXs with Boeing 767s for summer season

Reykjavik - Icelandair will lease at least two additional Boeing 767 aircraft for the summer season to fill the gap caused by the grounded 737 MAX jets of the airline.

The Icelandic carrier currently has six Boeing 737 MAX jets (five MAX 8 and one MAX 9) in its fleet. But they are all grounded due to the worldwide flight ban imposed by civil aviation regulators after two crashes in Jakarta and Ethiopia at short intervals.

The first leased Boeing 767 will enter into service in mid-April and the second in early May. The airline says it looks for a third aircraft. The leased Boeing 767s will leave the fleet at the end of September.

Icelandair did not name the leasing companies that will provide the 767s, however, the jets are configured to accommodate 262 passengers. The carrier operates the Boeing 767s since 2016 (four copies).

If the Boeing 737 MAXs are allowed to fly again within a few months, Icelandair will use the leased Boeing 767 jets in high season to increase the frequency on its most popular routes.