Icelandair is close to a potential Airbus A321neo order

Reykjavik, Iceland - Icelandair is preparing for an important shift in its current fleet structure. The all-Boeing operator airline has to decide over the next few months whether to include Airbus's single-aisle jets in its fleet to fill the gap generated by the grounded 737 MAX jets.

Following the Boeing 737 MAX grounding after two deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, the Icelandic carrier revealed that it was evaluating Airbus A321neos as replacement aircraft for aging Boeing 757s.

So far the airline proceeded to lease additional 737 NG jets to cover its routes that are supposed to be served by the 737 MAXs.

The Atlantic carrier has two options. The first one is to stick to the previous plan and replacing the aging 757s with the 737 MAXs. Another scenario is to replace all these planes with Airbus's jets and continue its operations as an all-Airbus airline.

Icelandic carrier currently has five Boeing 737 MAX 8s and one 737 MAX 9 in the fleet. Another 10 copies are waiting for joining the airline's flee when the type is allowed by the regulators to return to service. Icelandair's 757, 767 fleet consists of 23 757-200s, two 757-300s, and four 767-300s.

Due to the increased risk for further 737 MAX delay, Icelandair now considers switching to an all-Airbus fleet.