Icelandair considers switching to an all-Airbus fleet

Reykjavik - Icelandair is reviewing its fleet strategy, the company said during the presentation of its quarterly figures. The Icelandic flag carrier is considering adding the Airbus A321neo to its fleet or even transforming its all-Boeing fleet to an all-Airbus fleet.

Icelandair's current fleet consists entirely of Boeing 757s, 767s and 737 MAXs. The six 737 MAX of the company (five 737 MAX 8 and one 737 MAX 9) have been grounded since March 12 due to the two deadly crashes that the aircraft type was involved in.

The safety concerns and uncertainty surrounding the Boeing's plagued MAX jets might have contributed to Icelandair's decision to review its fleet strategy. One of the two alternative scenarios is to add the Airbus A321neo to the fleet in addition to the 737 MAXs and to speed up the retirement of the 757-200s.

The second scenario is more radical. The company also considers saying goodbye to Boeing and switching completely to Airbus. That would be really striking, because the 737 MAXs of the Icelandic carrier are brand new and would become the backbone of the renewed fleet. In addiition to the six MAX jets in the fleet, Icelandair has ten more planes of the same type on order with Boeing (five MAX 8 and Five MAX 9).

The company is currently in talks with Boeing for financial compensation due to the revenue losses caused by its grounded 737 MAXs.

It should, therefore, be taken into account that the fleet review decision of the airline might be a negotiation tactic against Boeing.