IAC releases its preliminary report for the SSJ100 crash in Moscow

Moscow, Russia - A Sukhoi Superjet from Aeroflot had been covered with flames on May 5th during an emergency landing at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.The preliminary investigation revealed that the automatic pilot system of the aircraft was turned off after a lightning strike.

"Examination of the fuselage, including its front section, assessment of the condition of antennas, detectors ... door floodlights and the glass panel of the pilots' cabin have revealed damage typical for lightning traces," said the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) in its report.

According to the IAC's report, the aircraft was hit by lightning when the automatic pilot system switched off.

The IAC further reported that there was no judgment for the operational status of the aircraft systems by the crew during the previous flight. No extra maintenance was conducted, and no postponed operations blank was registered by the maintenance teams.

The SSJ100 of Aeroflot was en route to the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk when it diverted to Moscow due to an emergency and caught fire while landing at the Sheremetyevo Airport.

41 out of the 78 people on board were killed due to the fire.

An Aeroflot SSJ100 lands in Moscow covered with flames