Amsterdam - On November 26, The oldest Boeing 747 of the world still in service landed at Amsterdam-Schiphol after a 10h 25m flight from Los Angeles. What made it so special that it was the last flight of the Boeing 747 registered PH-BFB.

The oldest Boeing 747 of the world still in service says goodbye today

But have you ever imagined that haw many cars could be fitted into the cabin of a Boeing 747?

That's exactly what KLM did in 1969, two years before the first Boeing 747 joins its fleet. Boeing's superjumbo (747-100) was the biggest airliner of its time. Its presence was noticeable at any airport.

KLM came up with a solution to make its huge capacity more understandable for ordinary people.

A full-scale outline of a Boeing 747-100 was sketched on a platform near Schiphol International Airport ( old Schiphol, now Schiphol east). During this process, the company spent about 100 pounds of white paint to illustrate the 1230 feet-long (375 meters) aircraft.

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After painting, the next job was to learn how many cars could be fitted into it.

The cars came from another Dutch company, Van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabrieken, also known as DAF. These little cars were very popular at that time in the Netherlands.

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KLM used 46 cars to completely fill the illustration of the Boeing 747-100 which was drawn on the platform with its actual size.

The event was one of the smartest advertising works of its time to introduce the newly ordered Boeing 747s of KLM.