Photos on Flickr account reveal the first flight of Boeing 737 MAX 200


Renton - A plane spotter published the pictures of the first flight of Boeing 737 MAX 200 on his Flickr account, a special variant of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 produced exclusively for Ryanair.

The pictures appeared on January 13, on a Flickr account named 737 MAX Production.

The modification differs from the 737 MAX 8 in passenger capacity. The 737 MAX 200 can accommodate 200 passenger seats instead of 189 offered by the regular MAX 8. The aircraft is the high-density version of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 with slimline seats. In addition to the its seating configuration, the aircraft features an extra pair of exit doors to facilitate the evacuation of the passengers in case of an emergency.

Ryanair's first Boeing 737 MAX 200 rolls out the assembly line

In fact, Boeing dropped the name MAX 200 for the aircraft and renamed it as 737-8 HC (High Capacity).

Boeing launched the 737-8 HC program because of the order commitment from Irish low-cost specialist Ryanair for 100 copies.