German government places an order for three Airbus ACJ350-900

Berlin, Germany - After repeated breakdowns of government planes, the German government has placed an order for three wide-body aircraft from Airbus.

With this order, Germany became the first state customer for the ACJ350-900, said the European aircraft manufacturer in a statement today.

The German government will take delivery of the first ACJ350-900 next year. The other two aircraft will be delivered to the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) in 2022.

Besides V.I.P transportation, the long-haul jets of the German government will also be used for the transportation of troops or medical evacuation flights.

The planes of the German government have been mocked in the German press due to frequent breakdowns. The recent breakdown occurred on May 19. An Airbus A321 carrying Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to Bulgaria for the first time started its flight with around 70 minute delay due to a technical problem.

It was the third failure of the same aircraft within three months.

Airbus A340 of the German Government

There are currently 14 government planes, some of which are quite old, including an Airbus A340, an Airbus A319 and a Bombardier Global 5000 operated by the German Air Force for the transportation of high-ranking German officials.