flydubai Boeing 737 attempts to take off without clearance


Moscow - On December 2, a Boeing 737 from flydubai started to run for takeoff without clearance from air traffic controllers in Moscow Sheremetyevo.

During takeoff attempt of the Boeing 737, an Airbus A330 from Aeroflot was crossing the runway, which landed minutes earlier, officials said.

The air traffic controller recognized the situation and ordered the flight FZ-918 to abort the takeoff immediately. flydubai flight crew aborted the takeoff and left the runway 06R. The Boeing 737-800 registered as A6-FEQ returned to the gate, where the airport officials questioned the pilots of the aircraft.

flydubai management claimed that the flight FZ-918 had been cleared for takeoff. The aircraft left the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport with a two-and-a-half-hour delay.

The incident made recall pilot fatigue issue claimed for Flight 981 crash at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport in 2016.

The exact cause of the incident remains unclear although human factor is the most convenient explanation for this situation.