flybe ERJ-175 rejects takeoff due to bird ingestion into the engine

Cardiff, Wales - On Sept. 7th, a flybe Embraer ERJ-175 rejected takeoff after a bird was ingested into the engine just seconds before takeoff.

The flybe flight was forced to abort the takeoff when a bird had been sucked into the engine at the Cardiff International Airport in Ireland.

The aircraft was about to take off for Paris, France when the incident happened. The strike made a loud noise and triggered a fire in the engine causing panic among the 80 passengers.

The emergency services were scrambled to intervene in the incident. The passengers evacuated passengers safely after the flybe Embraer ERJ-175 with registration BE-4565 taxied to a stand.


We got on the plane to go to Paris and everything was normal. As it went to take off the brakes were slammed on and we just stopped,

passenger Jonny Alcock said.

Everyone was a bit shocked why we had stopped in the middle of the runway and then a fire engine pulled up,

26-year old Alcock added.

The runway was cleared for takeoffs and landings again after a short closure.