Flightradar24 tracks a record number of flight on a busiest day ever


Stockholm - The Swedish flight tracking portal Flightradar24 has published a stunning image showing the busiest day of air travel ever.

It shows 202,157 planes flying all over the planet in just 24 hours, a record number of aircraft forming a yellow swarm across the globe.

The image published by the Swedish tracking site on June 30 and has been shared by thousands so far. Flightradar24 said that June 29 was the busiest day they have ever recorded.

Yesterday was the busiest day of the year in the skies so far, and our busiest day ever, 202,157 flights tracked! The first time we’ve tracked more than 200,000 flights in a single day,
the company announced on Twitter.
At the peak of the day, over 19,000 flights were in the air at the same time."

The month of August and the days Thursday and Friday of the week are usually the busiest times for flights, according to Flightradar24 while Christmas is the least busy day of the year.