Flight tests reveal that E190-E2 performs better than expected


Sao Paulo - While the certification of E190-E2 approaches, Embraer announces that the aircraft has displayed higher performance during test flights than previously expected.

According to the Brazilian manufacturer, the E190-E2 consumes 1.3% less fuel than originally planned. It would represent an improvement of 17.3% over the current generation E190, and nearly 10% better than its competitors. Embraer doesn't cite any name, but the E190-E2's direct competitors are the Bombardier CS100 and the Sukhoi SSJ100.

"The results of the flight tests also confirm that the E190-E2 is better than its original specification in terms of take off performance,
says the manufacturer. Its take off performance from hot and high-altitude airports such as Denver and Mexico City is better than any current generation aircraft. By taking off from a short runway, as in London City, E190-E2 could fly an additional 1,000 NM, which would allow it to reach destinations like Moscow and North Africa.

Embraer also claims that the E190-E2 is the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its segment, with the lowest level of pollutant and noise emissions. The aircraft has the longest maintenance intervals in the single-aisle market with basic checks to be performed every 10,000 flight hours. According to the manufacturer, this means an additional 15 days of use of the aircraft over a period of ten years compared to the current generation E-Jets.

Certification of the E190-E2 is expected within a few weeks. It is scheduled to enter into service on April 24 at the Norwegian regional airline operator Widerøe between Bergen and Tromsø.