First Airbus A340 leaves the SAS fleet


Stockholm, Sweden - The first Airbus A340 of the SAS Scandinavian leaves the airline's fleet while new planes are on the way.

Scandinavian Airlines currently operates eight Airbus A340. The first aircraft to leave the airline's A340 fleet is the 22-year-old four-engine widebody registered LN-RKP.

SAS took delivery of one more Airbus A330E on July 10. The aircraft was leased from the Dublin-based Irish lessor Jackson Square Aviation. The carrier had placed the order for one A330E last year in April to replace its 22-year-old A340, which mostly has functioned as a reserve aircraft.

The LN-RKP was built in 1997 and previously operated by the Chilean operator LAN from 2007 before it was delivered to SAS in 2013.

The new Airbus A330E of the SAS registered SE-REH is currently under the certification process by the US regulator in the United States where it will be located.

Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A330E SE-REH

The LN-RKP will be taken out of service soon and will make its last flight to Tarbes in southwestern France, where it will be scrapped. Parts of the aircraft, including the engines will be sent back to SAS to be used as spare parts for remaining seven Airbus A340.

The next A340 will be removed from the fleet upon the arrival of first Airbus A350-900 on order.

SAS has eight A350-900 on order with Airbus to be delivered from 2020.

How many of the eight A340-300 will be phased out by SAS is not clear yet. It is said that some will be retained, and the spare parts obtained from the scrapped planes will be used to fly them.

The second hand market for more than twenty-year-old four-engine A340s is not that bright. Instead, the value lies in the parts of the aircraft that can be recycled.