First Boeing 777F for Turkish Airlines


Istanbul - On December 7, Turkish Airlines celebrated the delivery of its first B777 Freighter, the world's longest-range, twin-engine freighter. The aircraft will help the airline to expand its cargo business, Turkish Cargo.

The delivery of our first B777 Freighter is a landmark event in our cargo business,
said Ilker Ayc─▒, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee at Turkish Airlines.

The B777F makes it possible to bridge the gap between mid-size and wide-body freighters and larger freighters like the B747F. With a maximum take-off weight of 347,810 kg, the B777F has a payload capacity of 112 tons. The B777F is capable of flying 4,900 nautical miles (9.070 km) with a full payload. Its long-range creates significant savings for freighter operators. Fewer stops and therefore fewer landing fees, less congestion at major airports, lower handling costs and a shorter turnaround time.

The B777F features capabilities never before seen on a twin-engine cargo aircraft, accommodating 27 standard pallets on the main deck. It is powered by the most powerful General Electric engine, the GE90-110B1. The B777F complies with QC2 noise standards for maximum accessibility to noise-sensitive airports.