Final Airbus A380 wings to leave Broughton factory

Broughton, North Wales - Airbus completed the production of the final Airbus A380 wings and they are ready to leave the manufacturer's Broughton site in the United Kingdom.

This marks the end of 13 years of A380 wing production at the site.

Due to the lack of demand for the iconic superjumbo, Airbus decided to end the production of the aircraft in 2019. The last aircraft will be delivered to Emirates in 2021.

The last set of wings will be sent to the Toulouse factory this week. The first wing is due to leave Broughton on February 6 and will reach the port at Mostyn after a two-hour boat trip.

On February 7, the second wing will leave the facility. This will be the final A380 wing shipment and possibly the last time the DRC, a special boat to carry the wings, will be seen on the river Dee.


Plant managers are now discussing to decide about the future of the giant factory, one of the biggest factories in the UK. Airbus will likely continue to produce parts for other aircraft types there as its backlogs in other programs will see production rates ramped up.