Fiasco with the A320neo aircraft equipped with PW1100G engines to continue


Toulouse - The fiasco with the A320neo engines continues. According to insiders, Pratt & Whitney is looking for the cause of engine vibration that has recently been reported by pilots.

Pratt & Whitney does not want to confirm the latest bad news yet.

We support operators while the latest configuration of the engines in the fleets is retrofitted,
manufacturer told Bloomberg news agency.

But apparently, the engine causes trouble again. In the cockpits of some A320neos pilots receive warnings about increased vibration in the engine. According to insiders, Pratt & Whitney is currently investigating the problem but has not yet been able to determine the cause.

Engineers of the manufacturer and affected airlines try to reproduce the vibrations during test runs and examine different combinations of newly replaced components.

Because of past defects and delivery bottlenecks, Airbus is at risk of missing the 2018 delivery targets of 210 A320neo with the ultra-parabolic Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines by up to 40 aircraft.

According to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, it will take months for Pratt & Whitney to deliver reliable engines.

The twelve A320neo units that have been delivered to Lufthansa to date were repeatedly taken out of service for work on the engines. According to Spohr, Lufthansa no longer has a replacement engine in stock. The last one was used on August 14.