FAA may require pilots to complete simulator training before flying with the 737 MAX again

Washington D.C. - The FAA considers requiring 737 MAX pilots to complete simulator training before they begin to fly with the aircraft again.

The U.S Federal Aviation Administration had previously rejected the idea, which could cause additional costs and delays for airlines.

But recently, there has been a rising consensus among the agency and safety experts in requiring pilots to complete a full simulator training before flying with the aircraft again.

A formal decision from the FAA is not expected at least until February. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FAA declined to comment on the issue, saying more analysis is required before an ultimate conclusion.

Boeing is evaluating all aspects of a safe return to service, including pilot training, procedures, and checklists,

an FAA spokesperson said.

The 737 MAXs have been grounded since March 2019 after two deadly crashes within five months in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which killed 349 people.

Boeing is experiencing new problems with the aircraft regarding wiring. Boeing engineers and the FAA safety experts discovered that two bundles of wires are too close to each other, which might cause a short-circuit that could impact the plane's flight control system.

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