Evacuation slide of a Delta 767-300ER falls into a yard in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, New England - On Dec 1st, an evacuation slide from a Delta flight fell into a residential yard in Massachusetts.

A large, inflatable evacuation slide fell from the sky into a yard of a Massachusetts resident on Sunday.

It's kind of crazy," Wenhan Huang of Milton, Massachusetts,

told WCVB.

Who could know there's something coming from the air and drops into my yard, right? It's pretty heavy. You can't even carry it.

No one was injured by chance.

Huang said he was doing yard work, when the slide hit the ground after, crushing a few branches on a Japanese maple tree. Huang noticed that the object was a part of Boeing aircraft when he read the label "Boeing" on it.

Huang called the police and officials from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration was sent to take the slide).

This was flight DL 405 from Paris to Boston. No injuries as the inflatable slide is located on the exterior of the aircraft. Our maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft; at this time we do not have any additional information,

Delta Airlines said in a statement.

The Delta flight performed by a Boeing 767-300ER landed at the Boston International Airport without incident.