Etihad's Greenliner arrived in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE - Gulf carrier Etihad has taken delivery of its Boeing 787-10 aircraft named Greenliner.

Besides carrying passengers to their destinations, the aircraft will be used as a testbed for new technologies that is supposed to make commercial aviation greener and more sustainable.

On Jan 23, the aircraft took off from the Boeing's Charleston plant in South Carolina with 30 percent biofuel in its tanks.

Like all the other Boeing 787-10s in the fleet, Etihad's new Boeing 787-10 with registration A6-BMH is configured to accommodate 336 passengers in total and will make its commercial debut on Jan.25.

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner already has a strong reputation regarding environmental performance. Greenliner flights will help to test new technologies and procedures for reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Findings from the tests will be shared with all 787 operators to increase the efficiency of the entire 787 fleet around the world.


Boeing and Etihad are also negotiating to work together to determine how to make regular airplane maintenance more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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