Etihad Airways looks to cancel or delay an order of 25 777X


Abu Dhabi - Etihad Airways may cancel an order for 25 Boeing 777X. The Abu Dhabi-based airline operator is struggling with financial problems and wants to adjust the fleet plans for the future.

Etihad lost a great deal of money on its investment projects such as Alitalia and airberlin and recently decided to restructure its fleet and workforce.

Sources report that Etihad wants to postpone or cancel the order for the Boeing 777X, which is scheduled to enter service in 2020.

The fine for canceling the order would cost less than keeping redundant widebody aircraft in the fleet such as the Boeing 777X, an extended version of the current Boeing 777 series.

Boeing has so far booked 326 orders for the 777X. In addition to Etihad Airways; Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Cathay Pacific have also placed orders for Boeing's new widebody. An unnamed order for ten devices is also attributed to Etihad Airways.