Ethiopian chief executive confirms the role of MCAS in Flight 302 crash

Seattle - Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam confirmed that the MCAS system of Flight 302 was active before the crash.

According to our knowledge, the MCAS system was triggered before the crash, the Ethiopian chief executive said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. This was confirmed for the first time from a high-ranking official.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is said to have played a key role in the crash of the Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX 8 on March 10, which was identical to another 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia last year in October. 346 people were killed in both accidents.

According to preliminary data retrieved from the black boxes of the aircraft, sources who had been close to the matter had unofficially confirmed similarities between the two accidents.

"Flight 302: Preliminary data from black boxes to point out clear similarities with Lion Air Flight 610 crash"

"Physical evidence confirms the link between two Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes"

Ethiopian Airlines' boss GebreMariam also said its company wants to continue to work with Boeing despite the disaster. He also reiterated that the pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines had been trained accordingly to fly the Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets.

The airline is the only one in Africa and one of the few in the world to have a complete flight simulator for the Boeing 737 MAX. Some media channels, including the New York Times, previously reported that the pilots of the crashed aircraft did not complete or receive sufficient training on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 simulator.