Ethiopian Boeing 737 gets painted by a locust swarm

Addis Ababa - An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 got a painted nose after it hit a locust swarm during landing.

The incident happened on Jan. 9 while the Ethiopian Boeing 737 with registration ET-ALN was descending for Dire Dawa - Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport.

The pilots proceeded landing procedures without declaring an emergency. After two failed landing attempts, the aircraft diverted to Addis Ababa where it landed safely 34 minutes later.

The aircraft underwent a cleaning and inspection process at the maintenance hangar for potential damage. The maintenance teams did not find any damage to the aircraft and the Ethiopian Boeing 737 was ready to fly the following day.

Locust swarm is a common problem in Africa. The African locusts are big and a swarm may consist of millions of them. They block the visibility from the cockpit and sometimes cause significant damages to the aircraft they hit.