Engine problem to delay test flights of the 777X


Seattle - The Boeing 777X program went pretty smooth so far, exceptionally smooth for a new aircraft program. The roll-out is scheduled for 2018, and the maiden flight for the first quarter of 2019.

But now Boeing must slow down. However, it is not the aircraft manufacturer's fault. The problem arises from the GE9X engines of General Electric.

General Electric is testing the engines for the Boeing 777X on its own test aircraft, a 747-400. It should have been lifted off with the new engines by the end of last year for the first time. So far it hasn't happened. And it's still not clear when it's going to happen.

According to General Electric, a component in the engines must be replaced. The problem was discovered during ground tests. After all, the group is confident that there will be no major delays in the 777X program. The first flight is still scheduled for early 2019.

We are working with Boeing to adhere to the timetable,
the company says.

General Electric expects the GE9X to be certified until the first flight.