Engine manufacturers to submit their proposals for the 797


Seattle - Boeing marks an essential milestone on the way to the 797. All three major engine builders to submit their propulsion concepts for the model that will hit the middle of the market.

June 27 was supposed to be the deadline to submit their engine concepts for manufacturers for the Boeing New Mid-Market Airplane (NMA). Boeing envisions an engine with 45,000 pounds of power, which is 25 percent more economical than the drives of predecessor 757.

Rolls-Royce is pushing its all-new Trent successor geared UltraFan design for the race. The technology should be ready for serial production in 2025, just in time for the targeted 797 EIS (Entry Into Service) date.

CFM International, a joint venture between GE and Safran, hopes to get an advantage in the race with the hybrid technology fielded in the 777X's GE9X.

Pratt & Whitney to offer Boeing an upgraded version of the PW1100G that powers the Airbus A321neo.

If Boeing launches the program, the aircraft as 797-6X with 228 passengers to achieve a nonstop range of 5,000 nautical miles, the sister model 797-7X with 268 seats 4,200 nautical miles. This would be entirely new connections on the world aviation map, argues Boeing.

Airbus wants to respond to the 797 possibly with the A321XLR. The range of the A321LR is 4,000 nautical miles. There is still room for improvement, said Eric Schulz last week, Chief Commercial Officer for Airbus.