End of an era: Two Ex-Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 to be dismantled


Tarbes - The demolition of the first Airbus A380s has started in the last days of 2018 in French Pyrenees. The superjumbos are disassembled in Tarbes so that their parts can be resold.

Two Airbus A380 that flew for Singapore Airlines for ten years are being dismantled at Tarbes, Lourdes, a regional airport in the south of France for storing and dismantling large airliners from around the world.

After the expiry of their lease terms, leasing company Dr. Peters Group who owns the aircraft decided to dismantle them and sell their parts. The German lessor looked for new customers for its superjumbos before taking this decision, but negotiations with airline operators such as British Airways and Iran Air on a resale led nowhere.

Dr. Peters now plans to resell the parts of the A380s for 45 million dollars. For this, the lessor already has signed contracts with various customers.

Singapore Airlines replaced its five Airbus A380 in 2017 and 2018 with newer ones. In addition to the two that are being dismantled, two more are waiting for their new customers and one has already joined the Portuguese wet-lease company Hi-Fly.

The future of Airbus's A380 program seems quite uncertain. Airbus decided to decrease the production of the aircraft due to lack of demand. Currently, no company is interested in ordering it except world's biggest A380 operator Dubai-based Emirates Airlines.

New generation widebodies such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 are more efficient and can be filled much more easily. Airbus believes that its superjumbo is the best solution for future airport congestions due to increasing demand for air travel.