End of an era: Qantas 747 makes its last flight on San Francisco - Sydney route

Sydney, Australia - Australian flag carrier Qantas will no longer serve Sydney - San Fransisco route with the Boeing 747.

From now on, Qantas will deploy its Dreamliners on the Sydney - San Fransisco route rather than the iconic jumbo jet.

On Thursday (Dec. 5th), Qantas flight QF74 ended an era for the Australian Flag Carrier. The Boeing 747 with registration VH-OEE carried out its last flight from San Francisco to Sydney.

The Australian operator had already switched to Boeing 787 on the all US routes flown by the airline's 747s. San Francisco was the last remaining route served with the Boeing 747s.

Qantas Flight QF74 (Copyright

On the other hand, the San Francisco flight from Sydney (QF73) took off on a 787-9 Dreamliner (VH-ZNC) today.

Around halfway, the two planes crossed on the Pacific Ocean.

It all looked quite different 60 years ago. On July 29, 1959, Qantas launched the Sydney - San Francisco route with the four-engine Boeing 707 (VH-EBB).

Today Airlines prefer more fuel-efficient twin-engine jets on their ultra-long-haul routes such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350XWB.

Although Qantas' 747s are out of the game for US routes, the carrier will continue to operate its remaining six Boeing 747-400s until 2021.