End of an era in SouthWest Airlines with the arrival of last Boeing 737-800


Dallas - With the arrival of the last Boeing 737-800 on October 1st, Southwest Airlines' commitment to an all-737 fleet enters a new stage. From now on, all single-aisles that will be delivered to the airline will be from Boeing's re-engineered MAX series.

Southwest's initial order was for 63 Boeing 737-700 in 1993. The company received the first of Boeing's so-called Next Generation 737 aircraft on December 17, 1997, making the airline launch operator of the type.

Although the carrier will fly these airplanes for many, many years, The arrival of the final 737NG signals the end of an era for this airplane.

Southwest operates the largest 737 fleet in the world with 512, 737-700 and 202, 737-800.

The airline is also flying 16 MAX 8 and has 267 MAX series single-aisle (237 MAX 8, 30 MAX 7) in its order book. Southwest expects the first Max 7 next year.