Emirates to repaint 8 A380 of Qantas


Dubai - Emirates will repaint eight Airbus A380 from Qantas next month in its hangars in Dubai, a new step in the partnership of the two companies.

After signing a "strategic business partnership" in 2012, and extending it for five years in 2017, Emirates and Qantas are expanding their collaboration into maintenance field.

On February 5, Emirates Engineering announced an agreement with Qantas to repaint eight of the twelve Airbus A380 from March 2018. On this occasion, the aircraft will receive the latest livery of the Australian company. As part of the agreement, Emirates Engineering will also replace the landing gear of a Qantas A380 in February 2018.

Emirates, the world's largest operator of the A380 with 101 aircraft in service, has acquired solid expertise in the maintenance and painting of the Superjumbo,
said Mohammed Jaffar Nasser, the director of maintenance of Emirates.
We have worked hard to create efficiency and productivity across all maintenance lines, adding up the capacity to offer our services and expertise to external customers. Our goal is to promote Dubai as a center of excellence for the maintenance of the Airbus A380. We have the knowledge, the infrastructure, the expertise and the confidence to achieve that goal,
he added.

Emirates Engineering has seven hangars for heavy maintenance and four for lighter maintenance in Dubai. The Emirates Aircraft Appearance Center is the world's largest aircraft painting infrastructure owned by an airline.