Emirates reveals photos of its first Boeing 777X


Dubai, UAE - Emirates has released photos of its first Boeing 777X jet assembled at Boeing's Everett factory.

Emirates published on its Twitter account several photos of its upcoming Boeing 777X painted with UAE colors.

We’re proud to see the UAE flag for the first time on the Emirates Boeing 777X. Currently in production, the 777X combines the best features of today’s Boeing airplanes 777 with a longer fuselage, new engines, new composite wing design, greater cabin width & seating capacity,

the company said.



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Boeing describes its new wide-body jet as the world’s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet with its unmatched large foldable wings.


Boeing's 777Xs will be powered by General Electrics' GE9X engines, which are also the largest engines of the world.

The American manufacturer launched the 777X program in 2013. The aircraft comes in two variants, the 777-8 and -9.

The 777-8 can carry up to 365 passengers and fly 8,690 nautical miles (16,090 km). The 777-9 is able to accommodate 414 passengers and fly over 7,525 nautical miles (13,936 km).

Thanks to its groundbreaking engines and aerodynamic structure, the 777X consumes 10% less kerosene compared to other wide-body jets in service today.

Besides its superior performance, the American aircraft manufacturer aims to offer its customers the best flight experience with the unique cabin architecture of the aircraft.

Emirates is the launch customer for the 777X. The first 777-9 will be delivered to the Gulf carrier in the second half of 2020. The aircraft is expected to start flight tests for its certification campaign at the beginning of 2020.

Boeing was planning to fly the aircraft this year in June, but it was delayed due to a technical program discovered on the GE9X engines.

The airline has 150 Boeing 777X (115 777-9 and 35 777-8) in its order book, which had been placed in 2013 during the Dubai Air Show, where the program was officially announced.

In June, the airline announced that it was in talks with Boeing to convert some of them to the smaller 787. No update about the progress of the negotiations.

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