Embraer E195-E2 “TechLion” is in Switzerland for Helvetic Airways

Kloten, Switzerland - Embraer's “TechLion”, an E195-E2 jet with a special livery, arrived at the Zurich Airport on Feb. 26 for an exclusive demonstration for Swiss media and the country's only regional airline Helvetic Airways.

Helvetic Airways is currently restructuring its previous generation E-Jet fleet that consists of 11 E190s and planning to replace these aircraft with the Brazilian planemaker's new-generation E2 jets. To this end, the Helvetic already took delivery of three E190-E2 jets. The deliveries for further new E190-E2s will continue in the next few months.

Embraer presented its E195-E2 “TechLion” to the Swiss media on Feb. 26. The aircraft is the largest twin-engine passenger jet ever built in Brazil.

With a length of 41.5 meters (136 ft), a wingspan of 35.1 meters (116.4 ft) and a maximum takeoff weight of 61.5 tonnes, the E195-E2 can transport 144 passengers up to 4 800 kilometers (2591 nautical miles).

The E195-E2 is a game-changer in this market; so it’s no surprise that Helvetic, a leader in innovation and the early adoption of the latest technologies, is considering adding the aircraft to their existing Embraer fleet,

said Martyn Holmes, Vice President Europe, Central Asia & Russia, Embraer Commercial Aviation.

This aircraft delivers the sustainability, comfort, and reliability passengers demand, while also delivering the best-operating costs for airlines, The numbers speak for themselves - fuel consumption is 25.4% less fuel per seat compared to the current generation. The E195-E2 is also the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its class, having the lowest levels of noise and emissions.

Helvetic Airways is in talks with Embraer to convert some of its current orders for Embraer E190-E2s to the larger E195-E2 variant. Helvetic Airways ordered 12 Embraer E190-E2s in July 2018, with options for 12 further aircraft.

With its meaningful mix of seat capacity, range, fuel consumption, and eco-friendly credentials, the Embraer E195-E2 is virtually unchallenged in the 120-to-150-seat medium-haul segment,

said Helvetic Airways CEO Tobias Pogorevc.

And by operating a fleet with cockpit commonality and differing seat capacities, we could further enhance our company’s operational flexibility.

Helvetic Airways has committed operating Europe’s most eco-friendly regional aircraft fleet by 2021.