easyJet to start commercial flights with electric aircraft by 2027


Luton - easyJet plans to start flights with electrically powered aircraft on some of its routes by 2027.

easyJet has entered into cooperation with the American start-up Wright Electric for the development of an environmentally friendly and low-noise aircraft. Wright Electric is currently working on an electric aircraft with nine seats. First test flight of the device is scheduled for next year.

Wright Electric has started to build the electric motor that is suitable for the new nine-seater airliner. The company has also filed a patent for an engine that can be used in larger planes.

According to easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren, commercial flights with electric planes to become a reality. The British low-cost thinks that the routes up to 500 kilometers will be served within ten years.

The new electric aircraft can lead to significant reductions in noise and emissions with multiple take-offs and landings every day,
said Lundgren.

The British carrier has already stated its commitment to reduce its carbon and noise emissions by 10% till 2022.